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Abalone Recipes

Abalone Steaks
Clean abalone as directed here. Score upper side of the body diagonally. Heat the frying pan with olive oil, sliced garlic, and butter. Cook garlic until lightly seared. Place abalone in the pan, meat side down, and grill until the surface of the meat is lightly seared. Pour shoyu in pan and lightly coat the abalone steaks. Place abalone into shell with garnish and sliced lemon. Enjoy!

Island Style Abalone
Abalone pieces, cleaned as directed here. Place abalone in the shell on the hibachi and cover with chili pepper water. Cook until ready and eat directly from the shell!! Just like 'oiphi!

Sashimi Style Abalone
Clean abalone as directed here then slice abalone very thinly across the muscle. For small abalone, slicing is not necessary. Layer abalone slices into the shell and serve with a mixture of wasabi and shoyu. Dip, eat and enjoy! No cooking necessary!